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from a library far away. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news the afternoon 7:00. good evening, it is friday, march 15th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news is the 7:00. tonight we begin with a moving tribute for an immigrant family. three people killed in an instant by a suspected drunk driver. we are live in daly city at the scene of the crash. that is also where today's memorial service took place. >> reporter: you can see dozens of flowers and candles out here right now. many of the candles lit from the prayer service this afternoon. well over 1people gathered on the side of the road here, many from west more high where the youngest victim went to school. the crowd of mourners grew so big, it filled into the street. >> this is a tragic, unnecessary loss of life. if we are not crying on the
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outside we should be crying on the inside. >> reporter: a single mom and her two sons, wiped out by a suspected drunk driver who prosecutors say was speeding through this daly city neighborhood last weekend [speaking in spanish ] >> it is really hard. especially for my grandmother and my aunts. i don't even know. every time i see them it crushes me. >> reporter: friends and teachers say the 15-year-old was well liked at west moore high school. >> i went to elementary and middle school with him. he was a good person. a great friend. >> reporter: his brotherrer worked for >> he took all of the weight for the family, financially and emotion alley. >> reporter: their mother -- emotionally. >> reporter: their mother brought them over here seven
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years stphaoeg they year -- years ago. the family is struggling to cover the cost. they appreciate all of the help they have gotten from the community so far. prayer services are planned for monday. we are live in daly city, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, 28-year- old dennis, from sunny valley is facing three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. the police say he was speeding away from another accident at the time of the deadly crash. he is due back in court on tuesday. continuing coverage now on the search for a scotts valley man. after 5:00 this afternoon, came word that matthew abraham is safe. he has been locate inside utah and is in protective custody. the 20-year-old took a bus from san francisco to sparks, , nevada, along the way he joined up with a man who became his traveling companion. the man was curious after abraham gave him three different names.
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that man did a search at the library this afternoon and learned that abraham was missing. >> worked with this -- at this point, unidentified person to make sure that mr. abraham did not leave this library. this person who was traveling with him did a greater great service to him and his family. >> the 20-year-old has not been acting like himself since suffering a head injury in a fall on saturday. tomorrow is the first anniversary of teenager sierra lamar. she vanished on her way to school at a bus stop. volunteers plan to conduct their weekly search for her. a body has not been found, but dna evidence connects torres to the teen's disappearance. they charged him with her murder. residents are expressing outrage tonight after registered sex offender moved
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into their neighborhood. people who live in bay point held a protest this afternoon. they are angry because a judge released 69-year-old charles chrispen. parents say they are concerned about the safety of their children and the close proximity of a school. the officials say that he committed his crime 24 years ago and has been rehabilitated. oakland police chief is launching a new strategy to combat crime. dividing the city into five districts. >> reporter: from fruitvalley to downtown and the oakland hills, the city's neighborhoods have different needs when it comes to combating crime. >> oakland has a diverse community. >> reporter: under a new plan that starts this weekend, oakland will be divided into five district police districts. >> each will have a captain. responsible for tailerring their strategies to their
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neighborhoods. >> it is neighborhood policing. we are slicing up the pie and giving commanders a smaller area with the direction that not only are you going to fight crime but you are going to strengthen the partnership that we have with the community. >> i am excited. i am excited about, about -- it is going to bring additional resources. >> reporter: the council man thinks the strategy will work because opd tried it tried it somewhere else. >> they decided to based on our resources to split the city into two areas. now we are going back to the way it was. >> reporter: 40 year oakland resident likes the idea of seeing the same officers, commanders and captains patrolling his streets every day. >> they need to know the people they patrol. you know, then they will know who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. >> reporter: the police are starting the program in east oakland. if the results are good they will expand the neighborhood
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policing plan in the rest of the city over the next coming weeks, back to you. now to the south bay. 43 graduates of the san jose police academy received their badges today. proud families watched as two women and 41 men got swarpb in. the mayor, chuck reed, -tsdz he is grateful the department can hire more officers. in recent years the department went down 1400 officers due to layoffs, resignations and retirement. today, former san francisco police crime lab tech, debra madden pled guilty to cocaine possession, the plea ends the case that began back in 2009 when the 63-year-old was accused of stealing evidence from the crime lab. the investigation led to the dismissal of hundreds of cases. they will determine the sentence after considering federal guidelines. new video today that helps explain why residents wanted a new police substation in their neighborhood. within hours of opening at 6th
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and market last week, these surveillance cameras captured images of an 80-year-old man with a walker being robbed and punched in the face just outside of the station. you can see a police officer tackling the assailant to the ground there. in one short week residents have seen a big reduction in crime. >> i don't see any drug addicts in the neighborhood anymore. >> the officer that tackled the robbery suspect, they are designed to patrol it on tpaout. it all started when the man flagged down the cab at 4:30 a.m. the driver says the suspect started jumping up and down on the hood. the cab driver fled the vehicle. the suspect got in and drove away. the dispatchers were able to track the taxi and tell the police where it went the cab went towards the police cruisers and one officer who
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then fired at the suspect. nobody was hurt. the suspect was taken into custody after abandoning the taxi. another san francisco symphony performance has been canceled o. day 3 of a musician -- on day 3 of a musician strike. the concert was supposed to happen at 8:00. people can receive a refund. they had a 13 hour bargaining session with the union and will make an announcement about weekend concerts tomorrow. for weeks now a large construction project has been underway on treasure island. what is being built here is something of a mystery. the areas cord ended off and has -- cordended off and has fences. the crews moved around modified sea containers, many of them wrapped but nobody will tell us what is going on. not even the head of the treasure island development who approved the lease. we believe it could have stphog do with the america cup's village but right now it is a big secret.
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a head's up for anyone who drives in hayward. a major road chicago will effect you at 8:00. traffic patterns will be changed in the loop. at mission and jackson street. but in about an hour at 8:00 tonight. one way heading north when a- street and mission will be coming one way. more information on that, go to our web site and we also have live drive time traffic maps for you that update 24/7. conflicting accounts about a popular rapper reported to be near death. how he got into this predickment. >> san jose firefighters, injured in the line of duty, are recognized for their bravery today. we will tell you the heroes about the incident behind the awards. >> in weather. the clouds are moving out of the bay area right now. coming upon, the warmest day of
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for the city of san francisco. the as rob roth reports, nearby schools are keeping a close eye on what happens now. today is the deadline for city college of san francisco to fix all efficiencies found. not all have been fixed. because the officials are saying they are optimistic who will stay open. in a statement, the chancellor wrote that they believe it will emerge stronger and students worry it may shutdown. >> it means that i will have to save for another college. but, at this point i don't have that kind of money. >> in california 19 community colleges out of 112 face sanctions. among them merit colleges receive a low-level warning and the college of marin had it
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removed. in the east bay. this have never been problems? >> i worry if i have enough money to cover all of the things that i need to cover. will we beable to done to honor all of our contracts? >> community colleges are at mercy of state budgets. >> it makes it hard to put out a long-term budget that is based on something really solid when the state legislature controls how the money will go out. >> the next step will be a visit by the accredidation. a small but vocal group demanded rights for the airport workers. denied living wages and the right to organize a union.
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they asked air travelers to help them in their cause by boycotting businesses they say are unfair. a small plane crash inside south florida this afternoon killing all three people on board t. took off from the fort lauderdale executive airport. the follow aviation administration says the plane began experiencing trouble after take off and circled back to make a landing t. crashed into the side of a warehouse in the parking lot. the fire burned 10 cars but nobody on the ground was hurt. l the streak is finally over. the dow today ended a string of 10 straight positive sessions losing 25 points. chase led it lower. the dow ended the longest winning streak since 1986. bp asked a judge to block settlements from the spill in the gulf of mexico. the court-appointed administrator of handing the money out. but the company is saying that violates the terms. it is from the deep water
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horizon and explosion that killed 11 people and spilled five billion of barrels of oil into the ocean. survey of workers by glassdoor ranks the 28-year-old as the top ceo in the countried heads of google, and apple were on the list. only one woman made the top 50, victoria secret's ceo. but facebook took the award. facebook tracked users over three months and 169 were unemployed during the study. they found users who interacted closely with friends and family on facebook were twice as likely to find jobs. trending this week. southwest art happening as it did every year in austin, texas. one story there this week. mow major headliner when it is
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the next hot app. twitter made a splash in 2007. some say the festival is getting so large that the companies are choosing to launch their products elsewhere. we posted several slide shows for you showcases images from this year's event. and more on wrapper lil wane. [music] -- rapper lil wayne. [music] >> tmz is reporting that he is in critical condition after suffering multiple seizures this week. but members of his record label are denying the report. the twitter account was updating saying i am good, everybody, thanks for the prayers and love. he was hospitalized on tuesday and released on wednesday and then rushed back later that night after suffering another seizure. tmz reports high reports of co dean were found in his system and he is now in a medically induced coma. receiving top honors after being injured battling
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firefighters in the south bay. each hero called his award humbling and spoke with the road to recovery. there is an solemn air to the awards. honoring firefighters who have been injured in the line of duty. today's ceremony had an ironic ring, it was one year ago to the day that this firefighter suffered burns at a major 4- alarm house fire. as the video and the pictures showed he took a fall from the roof into flames. he pulled himself to safety with the help of a fellow firefighter who was also recognized today. while he expressed gratitude he said the time he spent in the hospital is what was on his mind. >> every time i get up and look at all of the other kids in the burn center i knew i was very lucky and i just have a lot to be grateful for. >> reporter: the captain described today's events as humbling after recognized for heroics at a 3-alarm fire on thanksgiving day.
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the fire engineer was hurt by a collapsed creeling that occurred as the unit kept the fire from spreading. i still have symptoms from my broken neck and so, it still getting back to being normal. still something that i am trying to get to, not there yet. but, yes, the whole thing say life-changing event. >> they say they hope the recognition will highlight the bravery demonstrated by firefighters every day and not just at the high profile fires and for every award a personal price has to be paid. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. more headaches tonight for cruiseship giant, carnival. passengers from the troubled ship arrived today in orlando, florida. the cruise ship experienced problems with a onboard generator while docked. passengers were flown home. now there is word that another ship, the carnival legend had to miss a port of call. the company blamed a technical issue effecting the vessel
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speed. a new way to get from san francisco to chino at a rock -- reno at a rock bottom price. there is a new way. fares start at $1. though most we saw on-line range from $14 to $17 one way. the bus leaves from the caltrans station in the city. the company say it's double decker buses offer free wi-fi. we will take you inside of the new celebration of all things physical. and a busy saint patrick's day around the bay area. we will be free of rain. how warm may it get in your neighborhood?
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at&t park is about to welcome baseball players, not the giants, they are holding the world baseball classic. including teams from dominican republic and japan. right now the u.s. is losing 4- 3 in the 9th inning. for all of those new faces coming to the bay area, i hope they have something nice to see here. >> yes. the first two games look fine. tuesday we could be attracting
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a few visitors in the form of clouds and a few rain showers. today, we had a few high clouds paying us a visit. the mild weather pattern remains in place. the temperatures from the middle 60s to the middle 70s out towards santa rosa and napa. on the satellite, can not see that moving in on the region. the latest frames, the clouds beginning to move out of town. as a result, clearing skies, especially over the northern half of the bay area. the current temperatures are in the 50s to the 60s. still mild out there for your friday evening. mountain view right now, 59, and san jose, upper 50s. tonight, we will go with this. you can see, partly cloudy skies. patchy fog, this weekend will be dry and mild. extended, though, the weather pattern begins to change. rain clouds make a comeback and the temperatures cooling off quite a bit in the forecast. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, areas of fog. not extreme he cold out there. most areas in the 40s to 50s.
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santa rosa, 41, san jose, 49. you can see once again the bigger perspective. aifiy high clouds, a mild weather pattern. a weather system up here and could generate rainfall to the north, closer to eureka and crescent city heading to saturday. for us, high pressure is still in command of our weather. partly sunny skies and wind speeds pick up into the afternoon hours around 10 to 20. the forecast model showing you fair skies through saturday. the same deal sunday as well. the high clouds and the rainfall to the north. the bigger perspective here, the forecast model, tuesday, a chance of a few rain showers late tuesday and wednesday. we could be tracking increasing rain chances. saint patric's day is on sunday. the parade is tomorrow in san francisco. no rain chances -- saint patrick's day is on sunday is.
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the parade is tomorrow in san francisco. no rain chances for the parade. temperatures in the 70 san jose, 69, looking at the five day forecast, weekend in view, looking good. a chance of a shower on tuesday afternoon. rainfall likely on wednesday. >> mark, thank you. fans of dr. seuss can get a look at some of the favorite toppers. "hats off to from dr. seuss". >> he collected hats. 26 of them are on display at the dennis ray fine art gallery including the red and white hat that inspired the classic tale. admission, by the way, is free. thank you for watching, i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we are looking at a skimming device at a bank. we will show you the skimmer and we tracked down the man who
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spot today. we are here for you at and keep in mind tmz is up right here on tv36. what do you think of this one?
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